On the corner of rue des Commines and rue Froissart, somewhere between rue de Bretagne (3eme) and blvd. Beaumarchais (11eme), Mary-Celeste has become the new hotspot of the Northern Marais. A vibrant place for its large variety of clients that come in packs of wonderful multi-nationals, a charming place for its effortless style and bright […]

Everything seems right, purposely by accident. Colours, shapes, materials, the smell, the faces, tunes, napkins, tiles, menu, prices, products, dishes, glasses, the street view or the olive green vintage Burberry trench elegantly hanging on a Danish looking piece of furniture. As I enjoy the smooth voice of a British waiter talking about season veggies with […]

No processed food, no drugs, no red meat, no gluten, no dairy, no unprotected sex, no over-consumerism, no religious boyfriends: I’ve obediently said yes to all these no’s. But when I arrived at a friend’s place last weekend dressed up for a promising dinner I had to face a new forbidden area that I wasn’t […]

When Ferry isn’t taking pictures in Paris, he styles glamorous people for glamorous magazines, and when he’s not styling, he runs his own necessity shop of one-of-a-kind fashion pieces and accessories in Amsterdam. KABINET is like a mini warehouse: They have everything you have always dreamt of finding, but in little quantities. Every piece is […]

One reason why we are talking food and restaurants so much is that even to us Parisians the choice of restaurants in the city seems endless. According to The Paris Gigest (?) the city counts 8.000 restaurants. The well is indeed endless. And although a bottomless well creates a sense of richness – the jar […]

Last night Le Musée des Arts Décoratifs opened its doors to the first retrospective of the Belgian designer Dries van Noten. The beautiful mis en scène takes you on the designers journey through his fantastic world of inspirations. You don’t have to be a fashion professional to admire his detailed work and the many exciting […]

It’s Paris Fashion week. The night is chilly, your heart beats at 10 a second as your mind is full of to-do-lists, new names to remember, impressions, ideas, excitement… The smell of perfume sticks to your throat and you’re craving a good cocktail. You hop around in your hotel room wearing your new Miu Miu […]