TL-180 stands for the two 180cm tall beauties Tine (Antonine Peduzzi) and Luisa (Luisa Orsini). In the 70’s they would’ve starred in a Serge Gainsbourg music video, it’s saddening that Woody Allen hasn’t noticed them in the 90’s, however today they design bags and when walking the Parisian and Roman streets they look as if […]

When Ferry isn’t taking pictures in Paris, he styles glamorous people for glamorous magazines, and when he’s not styling, he runs his own necessity shop of one-of-a-kind fashion pieces and accessories in Amsterdam. KABINET is like a mini warehouse: They have everything you have always dreamt of finding, but in little quantities. Every piece is […]

Mathieu de Menonville and Remi de Laquintaine have the flair of Bob Dylan, the history of French aristocrats, the eye of certain Belgian designers, an erotic sense of humor and the kind of boyish sexappeal you only find in Paris. In 2009 they launched the menswear brand, Melinda Gloss, lately appointed by the Fédération Française […]

When this modest man walked up to me his eyes were sparkling like the ones of a child in a candy-shop. He had laid his eyes on a pair of Saint Laurent army lace up boots, made of the finest calfskin with a chunky ranger sole and thick black laces. Was he blushing? He kindly […]

Imagine. The alarm clock rings at 6AM. At 06:30 you cramp yourself in a metro. At 8:20 the wheels under your seat let go of the ground and take off into a cloudy sky. At 10:40 the wheels touch base. The sound opens your eyes. Fast forward. At 2PM you are having lunch in an […]