Life is full of little things that never change and it’s exactly this – their unchangeable character – that makes them into little joys, but also so easy to overlook. It’s only when the rain pours down and change sets in, that life reminds us of the joy of a postman who never changes face, […]

The third date took place on an island called Panarea. It was a place I had never heard of before and that I would never forget after. We had met at a dinner in an old time favorite called Chez George (1 Rue du mail, 75002). It’s the kind of no-bullshit French restaurant with loads […]

One of the most overrated French clichés is probably their coffee obsession. With their love for refined cuisine I’m always surprised to see them flush away their wonderful lunches with coffee that tastes a lot like warm brown water with 2 big spoons of white sugar on the bottom of their little cups. Until recently […]

After the necessary candlelight dinners, numerous whatsapps and exchanged looks, it got to that moment that he took off my socks and lay eyes on my feet for the very first time. Women fear a great deal about their physique: breasts, hips, legs, abdomen, the big butt issue. Strangely enough I never hear them worrying […]

Adding some health to your city life can be as easy as adding some fresh sprouts to your lunch – I love adding them to my soups, omelets and salads. All you need for a hand full of daily fresh bean sprouts is a sprouting tray, seeds, watering (2 times a week is fine), a […]

On the corner of rue des Commines and rue Froissart, somewhere between rue de Bretagne (3eme) and blvd. Beaumarchais (11eme), Mary-Celeste has become the new hotspot of the Northern Marais. A vibrant place for its large variety of clients that come in packs of wonderful multi-nationals, a charming place for its effortless style and bright […]

When Ferry isn’t taking pictures in Paris, he styles glamorous people for glamorous magazines, and when he’s not styling, he runs his own necessity shop of one-of-a-kind fashion pieces and accessories in Amsterdam. KABINET is like a mini warehouse: They have everything you have always dreamt of finding, but in little quantities. Every piece is […]