Life is full of little things that never change and it’s exactly this – their unchangeable character – that makes them into little joys, but also so easy to overlook. It’s only when the rain pours down and change sets in, that life reminds us of the joy of a postman who never changes face, […]

The third date took place on an island called Panarea. It was a place I had never heard of before and that I would never forget after. We had met at a dinner in an old time favorite called Chez George (1 Rue du mail, 75002). It’s the kind of no-bullshit French restaurant with loads […]

One of the most overrated French clichés is probably their coffee obsession. With their love for refined cuisine I’m always surprised to see them flush away their wonderful lunches with coffee that tastes a lot like warm brown water with 2 big spoons of white sugar on the bottom of their little cups. Until recently […]

After the necessary candlelight dinners, numerous whatsapps and exchanged looks, it got to that moment that he took off my socks and lay eyes on my feet for the very first time. Women fear a great deal about their physique: breasts, hips, legs, abdomen, the big butt issue. Strangely enough I never hear them worrying […]

The Parisians have a very Parisian way of asking whether you’re in town or not. “Tu es Parisien(ne)?” But being Parisienne takes a little more than being physically present. It takes a pair of brogues, skinny jeans, cashmere by Bompard, an old Hermes scarf that belonged to your grandmother and a classic manicure. It also […]

No processed food, no drugs, no red meat, no gluten, no dairy, no unprotected sex, no over-consumerism, no religious boyfriends: I’ve obediently said yes to all these no’s. But when I arrived at a friend’s place last weekend dressed up for a promising dinner I had to face a new forbidden area that I wasn’t […]

One reason why we are talking food and restaurants so much is that even to us Parisians the choice of restaurants in the city seems endless. According to The Paris Gigest (?) the city counts 8.000 restaurants. The well is indeed endless. And although a bottomless well creates a sense of richness – the jar […]