April 1, 2014

Happy Feet

After the necessary candlelight dinners, numerous whatsapps and exchanged looks, it got to that moment that he took off my socks and lay eyes on my feet for the very first time.

Women fear a great deal about their physique: breasts, hips, legs, abdomen, the big butt issue. Strangely enough I never hear them worrying about their feet. Well, you might want to fear a little more as here is what he said, my bare feet in his hands: “I can see you were born with pretty feet.”


The thing is we can’t get it right: They love us in heels. But the moment we take them off they love us running around butt naked on feet as pretty and soft as new borns. Walking the streets in high heels might lead you to fancy parties, but once the bottle is empty, they also lead you to callouse, blisters, and crooked feet.

Fortunately we are living in an era of superhero’s and Doctor Scholl has decided to come to our rescue. Here’s what his rescue looks like. Apparently after years of walking heels your feet start to bend and deform. To avoid this of happening Doctor Scholl came with an invention. A little patience (the first results show months later) is required, but that’s about all. Every morning you just slip those two little rubbers in between your toes and you keep them there for the rest of the day (and night if you wish). They’re not annoying, they just sit there. Until the next date…

I will keep you posted about my yet to come sexy sock moments.




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