March 20, 2014

Mon jardin secret

Adding some health to your city life can be as easy as adding some fresh sprouts to your lunch – I love adding them to my soups, omelets and salads. All you need for a hand full of daily fresh bean sprouts is a sprouting tray, seeds, watering (2 times a week is fine), a pair of scissors and ten minutes of your precious time to get it all going.

Anything that holds water can be considered a medium to get the sprouts growing. I use a glass bowl with a built-in strainer that I found in a kitchen supply shop, but a glass jar or a special piece of paper will do too. Check out to see what you need to look for in your own kitchen or to order your own tray. The seeds I buy on the flower market in the 5th, just behind the Notre Dame, but you can also find them in kitchen supply shops that sell spices, gardening shops and organic shops.

So far for the easy and tasty health. Unfortunately Pilates takes a little longer than ten minutes to get going.



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