March 20, 2014

Meet Tine + Luisa

TL-180 stands for the two 180cm tall beauties Tine (Antonine Peduzzi) and Luisa (Luisa Orsini). In the 70’s they would’ve starred in a Serge Gainsbourg music video, it’s saddening that Woody Allen hasn’t noticed them in the 90’s, however today they design bags and when walking the Parisian and Roman streets they look as if you were watching the latest Wes Anderson movie. If it wasn’t for their own brand, I am sure they would be the muses of Miu Miu’s latest ad campaign.


LH Where were you 10 years ago?
TL Tine had just arrived in Rome. It’s the year that we met for the first time on a party when both of us were dancing bare-feet each wearing long evening dresses… We instantly became friends; we listened to Battisti as loud as we could in Luisa’s car on our way to Fregene beach!

LH Your Paris in two words?
TL Encounters – Bohemian

LH What do you have for breakfast?
Luisa Baguette with butter and honey and a coffee
Tine Pain au chocolat and coffee

LH Who’s your idol?
TL Neither of us ever really speaks of an idol, but there are people that we admire and people that inspire us such as Wes Anderson and Anna Karina

LH Your fashion philosophy?
TL To never take ourselves seriously, to dare when we’re up for it but whatever happens to never force ourselves into something that feels unnatural !

LH Your favorite sentence “en Français”?
TL “Est ce que j ai une tête d’atmosphère?!” (Hotel du Nord)

LH Where do you have dinner in Paris?
TL Hotel Amour and Schmuck

My favorites of their latest designs are the Tambour and Le Baise-en-Ville:



Discover the rest of their collection here



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