February 12, 2014

Health in a bottle

Although everyone agrees that Parisian charm comes from Parisian stubbornness at keeping things the way they are, it’s such a great thing that some of Australia’s best has come to Paris. I’m talking fresh juices, and home delivered s’il vous plait.

I tested Bob’s cold press, situated in the 11th, not too far from where I live. Ordering is very easy and the set times make it even easier: Between 8 and 11AM.

So this morning around 10AM the doorbell rang. Two possibilities: The postman or the neighbour. I was wrong; it was Bob. Half a litre of green juice (raw algae, spirulina, spinach, kale, herbs etc.) and another bottle of sweet beetroot juice. As most big city people are not big breakfast eaters and as we are continuously reminded by our friends, journalists and doctors that our traditional lifestyle of bread and butter is not the best way of starting your day, I just poured a wineglass full of algae for morning breakfast.

I must admit that I’m used to quite something. I’ve had the Chinese full-on medical treatment for my bladder once. They forced me to boil a mixture of herbs and leaves and who-knows-what’s twice a day to get rid of my everlasting bladder infections. It had to close my nose in order to finish the brown coloured water that was left in the pan after cooking. And when last autumn set in and I was still not doing anything physical to be ‘healthy’, I left Naturalia with two bottles named Noni and Goji. Just the most horrendous tastes. Therefore I was very happy to discover Bob’s juices. I don’t need to close my nose to swallow something that makes me think of bird shit. It actually tastes good and I don’t need to run around the park in order to feel fresh and healthy.

Of course delivery is an expensive joke. The juices cost 7 euros each (0,5 litre) and an additional 7 euros is charged for delivery. 1 litre easily gets you through the week though and weekends are about forgetting anyway. Health always comes at such a price (running in the cold, sweating at 7AM in a gym, skipping meals) that I’m quite happy paying for some home delivered health.

Bob’s Cold Press
10, Passage Rochebrune
Paris 11th
(Visits by appointment only)

Their juices are also available at Bob’s Juice Bar and Bob’s Kitchen (where the veggie stews are always delicious!)

Bob’s Kitchen
74, rue des Gravilliers
Paris 3rd

Bob’s Juice Bar
15, rue Lucien Sampaix
Paris 10th

Sophie & Lavinia


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